Contributed presentations

  1. Gennadiy Averkov and Ivan Soprunov, Plucker-type inequalities for mixed areas and intersection numbers of curve arrangements,
  2. Adam Czapliński, Thorsten Raasch and Jonathan Steinberg, Real eigenstructure of regular simplex tensors.
  3. Khazhgali Kozhasov and Josué Tonelli-Cueto, Probabilistic bounds on best rank-one approximation ratio,
  4. Bernd Sturmfels, Simon Telen, François-Xavier Vialard and Max von Renesse, Toric Geometry of Entropic Regularization,
  5. Tim Seynnaeve and Nafie Tairi, Universal equations for isotropic Grassmannians,
  6. Martin Vodička, Rodica Dinu and Mateusz Michalek, Geometry of the Gaussian graphical model of the cycle,
  7. Alheydis Geiger and Marta Panizzut, Computing tropical bitangents to smooth quartic curves in polymake,
  8. Yulia Alexandr and Serkan Hosten, Logarithmic Voronoi Cells for Gaussian Models,
  9. Kexin Wang and Anna Seigal, Lower bounds on the rank and symmetric rank of real tensors,
  10. Mario Kummer and Buesra Sert, Matroids on Eight Elements with the Half-plane Property and Related Concepts,
  11. Carlos D’Andrea and David Cox, Subresultants and the Shape Lemma,
  12. Simon Hart, The finite generation ideal for Daigle & Freudenberg’s counterexample to Hilbert’s fourteenth problem,
  13. Khazhgali Kozhasov, On eigenvalues of symmetric matrices with psd principal submatrices,
  14. Weixun Deng, Jens Forsgard, Mounir Nisse, and J. Maurice Rojas, New Subexponential Fewnomial Hypersurface Bounds,
  15. Javier Sendra-Arranz and Irem Portakal, Nash Conditional Independence Curve,
  16. Flavio Salizzoni and Elisa Gorla, MacWilliams’ Extension Theorem for rank-metric codes,
  17. Patience Ablett, Gorenstein curves of codimension four,
  18. Andreas Blatter, Jan Draisma and Emanuele Ventura, Implicitisation and Parameterisation of Polynomial Functors,
  19. Thomas Yahl, Computing Galois groups of finite Fano problems,
  20. Mareike Dressler, Marina Garrote-López, Guido Montúfar, Johannes Müller and Kemal Rose, Algebraic Optimization of Sequential Decision Rules with Deterministics Partial Observations,
  21. Matthew Faust and Frank Sottile, An extended abstract to: critical points of discrete periodic operators,
  22. Fatemeh Rezaee, Geometry of canonical genus four curves,
  23. Lukas Gustafsson, Sandra di Rocco and Luca Schaffler, Gaussian maximum likelihood degree via rational functions,
  24. Claudia Fevola and Yelena Mandelshtam, The Hirota Variety of a Rational Nodal Curve,
  25. Riccardo Moschetti, Franco Rota and Luca Schaffler, A computational view on the non-degeneracy invariant for Enriques surfaces,
  26. Luca Sodomaco and Ettore Teixeira Turatti, The span of singular tuples of a tensor beyond the boundary format,
  27. Eduardo Camps Moreno, Hiram López and Gretchen Matthews, Explicit Non-Special Divisors of Low Degree of Some Curves,
  28. Pablo González-Mazón, Laurent Busé and Josef Schicho, Trilinear birational maps in dimension three,
  29. Sebastian Debus, Philippe Moustrou, Cordian Riener and Hugues Verdure, Specht ideals, a bidominance order and a decomposition of the Specht varieties for Bn,
  30. Cordian Riener and Robin Schabert, Linear slices of Hyperbolic polynomials and positivity of sparse symmetric polynomial functions,
  31. Lorenzo Baldi, Bernard Mourrain and Adam Parusinski, On Łojasiewicz Inequalities and the Effective Positivstellensatz,
  32. Alexander Taveira Blomenhofer and Mateusz Michałek, Third Powers of Quadratics are generically Identifiable up to quadratic Rank,
  33. Maciej Zięba and Paulina Wiśniewska, On $\mathrm{H}_4$ configuration of points in $\mathbb{P}^3$,
  34. Austin Conner, Alicia Harper and Joseph Landsberg, New lower bounds for matrix multiplication and the determinant polynomial,
  35. Tomasz Szemberg and Justyna Szpond, Sextactic points on the Fermat cubic curve,